Axis Q8741-E 35MM 30 FPS 24V

Axis Q8741-E. Type: CCTV security camera, Placement supported: Outdoor. Form factor: Box, Product colour: White, Mounting type: Wall/Pole. Maximum resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels, Video compression formats: H.264, Frame rate: 30 fps. Minimum illumination: 0.02 lx, Viewing angle, horizontal: 65.6°, Viewing angle, vertical: 39°. Sensor type: CMOS, Optical sensor size: 25.4 / 2.8 mm (1 / 2.8"), Number of effective pixels (H x V): 384 x 288 pixels



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AXIS Q8741-E Network Camera is a positioning camera that brings a powerful – and cost effective – combination of visual and thermal video streams in a single PTZ camera to border surveillance and other applications with similar requirements.

A winning combination

AXIS Q8741-E gives you two excellent cameras in one: a thermal camera with outstanding contrast in 384x288 resolution for reliable detection and verification around-the-clock and in all weather and light conditions. And an exceptionally light-sensitive visual camera in HDTV 1080p with integrated 30x optical zoom for identification purposes.

The visual camera also has Wide Dynamic Range – Forensic Capture for clarity and detail in scenes with both dark and light areas. And Focus recall for instant focus in areas you define.

Swift, smooth 360° coverage
AXIS Q8741-E lets operators choose between really slow or super-fast pan (from 0.05 to 120 degrees per second) and tilt movement (from 0.05 to 65 degrees per second). So, they get smooth and jerk-free panoramic viewing when they need it and can respond quickly to events. The camera can be column-mounted, on poles or walls for a 360° panoramic view and a ground-to-sky view from -90° to +45°. It can withstand high winds when it’s standing still and winds of up to 37-meter per second (83 mph) when it’s in motion. And an SFP slot means it supports long-distance fiber-optic connection.

Single-unit savings

AXIS Q8741-E is a highly cost-effective solution. You need just one camera and one IP address to benefit from long-distance thermal detection, visual identification and PTZ capabilities. Which means lower purchase, installation and operational costs. In addition, Axis Zipstream technology reduces storage and bandwidth needs with up to 50% or more while ensuring that important details are captured in full image quality.

Fast and easy

Its slim design and many available accessories let you install it anywhere you want. It has an SFP slot, so it supports cost-effective, long-distance fiber-optic connection. And maintenance is made simple by a remote-control cleaning system that features long-life wipers. A 22 meter (72 feet) long, heavy-duty power cable is available as optional accessory. Designed for outdoor use, the cable has 3-wire, 12AWG and a jacket diameter of 10 mm (0.4 in).

- One view - two bispectral video streams
- Reliable detection, fast verification and identification
- Responsive positioning 360° endless pan and 135° from ground to sky
- Easy to install with one IP address
- Long-distance network connection


*The product data above is provided by Icecat. EET cannot be held responsible for errors in relation to this.
MalliCCTV security camera
Tuettu sijoitusOutdoor
PTZ-hallinta (Pan/Tilt/Zoom)
Tuotteen väriWhite
International Protection (IP)-koodiIP66
Enimmäiserottelutarkkuus1920 x 1080 pixels
Videon pakkausformaatitH.264
Kuvataajuus30 fps
Pienin valaistus0.02 lx
Katselukulma, vaakasuora65.6°
Katselukulma, pystysuora39°
Kallistuskulma-90 - 45°
Kallistusnopeus65 °/sec
Kiertoalue0 - 360°
Kiertonopeus120 °/sec
Kameran sulkijan nopeus2 s
Anturin tyyppiCMOS
Sensorien lukumäärä1
Optisen sensorin koko25.4 / 2.8 mm (1 / 2.8")
Tehollisten pikselien lukumäärä (K x L)384 x 288 pixels
Linssien lukumäärä1
Linssin halkaisija3.5 cm
Sisäinen HDD
Integroitu kortinlukija
Yhteensopivat muistikortitMicroSD (TransFlash),MicroSDHC,MicroSDXC,SD
Flash-muisti512 MB
Sisäinen muisti512 MB
Ethernet LAN
Ethernet-liitännän tyyppiGigabit Ethernet
Paino ja mitat
Tuotteen leveys245 mm
Tuotteen syvyys360 mm
Tuotteen korkeus582 mm
Paino14.7 kg
Virtalähteen malliAC,DC
AC-syöttöjännite24 V
Virrankulutus16 W
Tehonkulutus (maks.)204 W
Käyttölämpötila (T-T)-50 - 55 °C
Varastointilämpötila-40 - 70 °C
Käytön suhteellinen kosteus (H-H)10 - 100%
Pakkauksen sisältö
Kameroiden lukumäärä1
Takuu3 v
*The product data above is provided by Icecat. EET cannot be held responsible for errors in relation to this.




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