Kingston 240GB SSDNow UV400 SATA3

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Kingston Technology SSDNow UV400. SSD capacity: 240 GB. SSD form factor: 2.5". Read speed: 550 MB/s, Write speed: 490 MB/s, Data transfer rate: 6 Gbit/s

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Breathe new life into your system.

Kingston’s SSDNow UV400 is powered by a four-channel Marvell controller for incredible speeds and higher performance compared to a mechanical hard drive. It dramatically improves the responsiveness of your existing system and is 10 times faster than a 7200RPM hard drive*.

Rugged and more reliable and durable than a hard drive, UV400 is built using Flash memory so it’s shock and vibration-resistant and less likely to fail than a mechanical hard drive. Its ruggedness makes it ideal for notebooks and other mobile computing devices.

For easy installation, UV400 is available in a bundle kit that includes everything needed to install the SSD in your existing system, including a USB enclosure to transfer data, a 2"–3.5" adapter to mount in a desktop environment, a SATA data cable and a coupon for an Acronis data migration software download**.

UV400 is available in multiple capacities, from 120GB to 960GB***, giving you plenty of space for all your files, applications, videos, photos and other important documents. It’s the ideal hard drive replacement and can also replace a smaller SSD in your system to give you all the room you need.

- 10 times faster than a 7200RPM hard drive*
- More reliable and durable than a hard drive
- Available as a bundle kit for easy installation
- Multiple capacities to meet your needs.

*Based on “out-of-box performance” using a SATA Rev. 3.0 motherboard. Speed may vary due to host hardware, software and usage. IOMETER random 4k random read/write is based on an 8GB partition.

**Operating system software support: Windows® 8.1, 8, 7 (SP1), Vista® (SP1, SP2), XP (SP3)

*** Some of the listed capacity on a Flash storage device is used for formatting and other functions and is thus not available for data storage. As such, the actual available capacity for data storage is less than what is listed on the products. For more information, go to Kingston’s Flash Memory Guide at


*The product data above is provided by Icecat. EET cannot be held responsible for errors in relation to this.
SSD-asema, kapasiteetti240 GB
KäyttöliittymäSerial ATA III
Lukunopeus550 MB/s
Kirjoitusnopeus490 MB/s
Kontrollerin tyyppiMarvell 88SS1074
Tiedonsiirtonopeus6 Gbit/s
Random read (4KB)90000 IOPS
Random write (4KB)25000 IOPS
Keskimääräinen vikaantumisaika1000000 h
Muut ominaisuudet
Tuotteen väriSilver
SuojaustoiminnotShock resistant,Vibration proof
SertifiointiFCC, VCI
Virrankulutus (luku)0.59 W
Virrankulutus (kirjoitus)2.515 W
Virrankulutus (keskiarvo)0.693 W
Virrankulutus valmiustilassa0.672 W
Windows käyttöjärjestelmätuki
Mac käyttöjärjestelmätuki
Käyttölämpötila0 - 70 °C
Varastointilämpötila-40 - 85 °C
Tärinä käytön aikana2.17 G
Tärinä muulloin kuin käytön aikana20 G
Paino ja mitat
Tuotteen leveys100 mm
Tuotteen syvyys7 mm
Tuotteen korkeus69.9 mm
Paino57 g
Pakkauksen sisältö
Sisältää johdotSATA
Muut ominaisuudet
Takuu1 vuosi
*The product data above is provided by Icecat. EET cannot be held responsible for errors in relation to this.

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